these are some of the most ridiculous figures i’ve ever seen like 

  • this time of year is a deadzone for movie releases. when hollywood thinks its gonna lose money on a movie, they dump it out in jan/feb bc its after awards nom season and before summer blockbuster
  • they do this bc their studio money is tied up with promoting the tentpole films or Oscar bait shit they released around December…they focus on awards season 
  • going back, like, 30 years, generally ppl don’t go to the movies as much during jan/feb because they spent all their money during the holidays. and also because weather
  • deadpool had a president’s day release, which is usually when a romance of some kind takes over the box office bc it’s close to valentine’s day. last year it was 50 shades, which set the world record for a pres day opening until it was obliterated by DEADPOOL
  • it has an r-rating. they always make less money likeALWAYS
  • what the fuc

#numbers this high means ppl r going to see it three or four times

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