Adventuring is Magic: Chrysalis the Enchantress.

Changlings are a thoroughly magical race; it is generally thought that they descend from an ancient union of ponies and the Fey species collectively known as “Cubi” (Though most people are more familiar with the female and male specific names “succubi” and “incubi”, respectively).

As such, Changelings have inherited powerful beguiling magic. They are naturally inclined to the schools of illusion, enchantment, and their particular brand of shape-shifting.

Chrysalis, as the Queen of the Changelings, exemplifies her people. She is a master of her craft, and through a combination of mind-altering spells and flawless illusion, she capable of near perfect impersonation and, given time, absolute mental domination of her chose victims.

Changelings are inclined to avoid a fair fight, preferring ti employ subterfuge and ambush tactics. But it’s safe to say that Chrysalis herself is incredibly dangerous in call circumstances, and she has been seen to employ lethal destructive magic often seen as a greenish fire.

The Changling Kingdom as a whole has been quiet of late, refusing to ally with Equestria despite being another target of Sombra’s recent war-mongering. It’s never been easy to tell what Chrysalis is plotting, but she has been particularly mysterious in recent years…

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