my Old Xkit (Xkit Classic) still works

the ‘could not connect’ thing is annoying but there’s no loss of functionality

The New Xkit, though, has a new extension that gets rid of the ad posts Tumblr tries to inject in your dashboard stream.

Not to mention the extension, Reblog Display Options, which allows you to bring back the old style of reblog appearance if you prefer it

Important: Update


We recently paid my Dad rent for our last month that we’ll be living with him.

Now we just have to concern ourselves with earning enough money for food and the move. 

We’ll be moving to Oregon with Jestre and Jitters.

We have until December to have enough to cover the move.

But as far as food goes, we’ll need to make enough and often enough so we can shop for food to keep us going day to day.

Here’s an updated list of things you can buy or help with:

My Commissions


Induced Commission 

Witch YCH Commissions

Collab Commissions